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Myofascial Massage

Overview of Therapy

This advanced myofascial core release focuses on releasing trapped waste and adhered fibers of the whole body from the center-line out. This method is a dry massage (no lotions or oils). Fascia and muscle fibers, by their nature, respond to both heat and manual manipulation. Using no lubricants allows for maximum friction between the Massage Therapist and the guests fibers and facilitates natural heat production using slow, expensive pull and release to the body. This method uses compression, supported joint traction, cross-fiber friction, as well as components of Ashiatsu and rocking techniques. The most unique feature of this massage is the use of distraction, as the Massage Therapist will, for most of the massage, be working on three or more areas of the body simultaneously. The Massage Therapist will use hands, forearms, broad surface of shin, and even feet to accomplish this. Because so much is happening at once, this advanced distraction basically “tricks” the brain and, therefore, tricks your muscle fibers into letting go, as it cannot focus its energy on any one spot or area of the body. Guests must be aware that this method targets the entire core for maximum full body release.

Who Could Benefit

  • Guests who have specific chronic pain and are actively seeking a pain relief solution.  This is not a relaxation massage. Although it does feel good, it is based on the build-up of adhesion and tightness or tension in the body. It can be uncomfortable at times to produce the desired results.
  • Guests hoping to achieve certain fitness/wellness goals (e.g. wants to play basketball for two hours straight without pain.)
  • Guests looking for an alternative or a supplement to traditional physical therapy, chiropractic, or surgery.